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(Brad) Ziyue Yang

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I am a General Intelligence born in China, traveling between places most suitable for my survival (Mostly US and China). I am a sophomore studying CS&Stats major in University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, a decent school for CS. 

Professional Interests

Ever since I learned about Artificial Intellgence, I was amazed at how much potential this ancient idea has and the incredible speed of advancement, but more afraid at how detrimental it could be to our society if misused. The big name companies who have insane computational resource advantages and the money to hire all the world class researchers claim that they are "Open", but in fact they are known to be the exact opposite. I therefore dedicate my life to help establish true open source AI research centers that not only publish ALL the results with no secrets, but also shares computational resources to the individual researchers all over the world. I wish that some day in the future, we will feel safe for our shared future, because we can see it ourselves with no filters. First step of the process for me is to get a PhD in a related field. Since it's absurdly competitive, I need to and am willing to sacrifice most of my free time to reach this goal. But I also need some long-term motivation and decipline, so I started streaming and documenting every step of my process to my dream. Hopefully if you ever stumble upon my stream, you will get much more motivated with this incredibly community, just like it did to me! 

Other Interests

Past: Soccer, Tennis, Swimming, Chess, League of Legends, Kingdom Rush, BBC Sherlock

Present: Running,, Youtube Streaming, Sushi. I also wait for the day that humans will have an option to upgrade our ancient systems. 

I am also the proud feeder of two cats! Sherl (left) and Mori (right). Their name origin should be obvious :)

Contact Details

Google Scholar: will thrive one day

Email: 123bradarb [at] gmail [dot] com

LinkedIn: ziyuebradyang

Github: YeYSherlock

Twitch: StudyWithBrad

Youtube: Brad Yang



The Dream Schedule is finally here, where I can learn what I REALLY want to learn

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