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  • "If the societal consensus is xyz and then the actual emperical data points to something different, you have to be willing to seperate from the pack, because if you want to be an anomaly you need to act like one." * (though not necessarily look like one) 


  • "We basically messed up almost every aspect of the model-3 production line from cells to packs to driving motors, body line, paint shop, final assembly, everything. I lived in the Fremont and Navada factories for three years, fixing that production line running around like a maniac through every part of that factory, living with the team. I slept on the floor so that the team who was going through a hard time could see me on the floor. That they knew that I was not in some ivory tower. Whatever pain they experienced I had it more. There wasn't any other way to make it work. The three years of hell, 2017, 18, 19, was the longest period of excruciating pain in my life. We barely made it and we're on the ragged edge of bankruptcy the entire time. I don't like it, but it had to be done or Testla would be dead."  -- Elon Musk * 


  • Imposter Syndrome:

    • It's the people who for some reason or another are comfortable with feeling stupid who become 'great mathematicians'.

    • math is hard

    • Usually the people who feel too stupid are actually the ones who are smart enough to be self aware, brave enough to fight against our own psyche. *


  • How to deal with becoming discouraged as a graduate student? --by Jeff Erickson

    • Specifically, I have also found it profoundly helpful when I switch between subjects, because our brains are still processing the information at night. So instead of studying 1 subject every day, switch every 2 - 5 hours so that you give your brain time to consolidate the information every night and learn much faster the next day. This method is especially useful when you're confused or stuck on a concept/problem. 

    • The wall is there to keep the others out, but to let the really determined have a chance to succeed. They are there to let us prove how badly we want things. 



  • It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one most adaptable to change.  --by Leon Megginson



  • Building a YouTube/Twitch channel is like building a tower. If you only have 1 brick and call it a tower, people might show up and say "Cool brick" but most people are looking for Towers, not bricks. However the more bricks you add, the taller it gets. Now the people who are looking for towers are starting to see that you have something that is starting to resemble a tower. And now they will come and admire all your hard work, brick by brick. *

  • Books that influenced me the most: 

    • (social) How to Win Friends & Influence People. An incredible book that introduced me to some core techniques of dealing with people. 

    • (self improvement) Atomic Habits. If you haven't read at least a tldr version, what kind of monster are you? Same applies with owning cats.

    • (science fiction/philosophy) The Three Body Problem Series. Best book I have ever read. It is filled with observations about human society, pragmatic philosophical ideas, and the most importantly, a trescendental revealing of the nature of the universe. Even though the character development is slightly shallow, the names are translated from Chinese, the science in it can be debatable at times, and the cast is unfortunately male dominated, but the second book is incredibly worth it philosophically, so have faith that it will be splendid as it continues. Sample Reviews

    • (philosophy) A summary of  The Myth of Sisyphus (the original work is verbose). I particularly enjoy his comparison of Sisyphus's condition and our life. I recommend listening to this while reading the summary :). I also enjoy his pin-pointing of how to live a good life despite the absurd:

      • revolt (we should not accept any answer to the meaning of life, which is 42),

      • freedom (we should think freely and judge life ourselves), and

      • passion (we should pursue experiences that we deem worthy).

    • (autobiography) Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future. Learn about the journey of the man who might dictate where human-kind will go. I particularly enjoy and relate to the immense struggles that Elon had to go through. Funnily enough, the book is published in 2017, so his longest period of excruciating pain occurred right after the story "ends", after already so many struggles of blood, sweat and tears. 


  • Website Inspiration from Max Hodak. Please read both his fictions and nonfictions, as he is an incredible man with incredible insights in the entrepreneurship space. 

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